The struggle is now real.

I’m one semester away from getting my A.S in Accounting and Computer Science. WOO MOVNG ONTO GREATER THINGS!

My original plan was to stick to Comp Sci and get a minor in Accounting.. maybe get my CPA for accounting to be all like , ” Yeah bitch, I know you wanna hire me. Hire me and pay for my masters.. ”

Well now I’m royally screwed. The school I’m attending in the spring doesn’t have a minor in Accounting.. oh , and if I want my CPA I am required to have a number of hours. Being a minor in accounting doesn’t meet the requirements.. so .. yeah.

Only options are to choose just one major and stick to it or I double major. Nope, not gonna lie. The thought of choosing just one major has not crossed my mind. I just can’t. So much money and time invested into double majoring I can’t. IM NOT IN DENIAL. IM NOT CRAZY! ..So double majoring it is. Oh my lord. I see the future. It looks like I will be a cat lady with two degrees in fields of singleness and loneliness ♥

*cringe cringe* CPA and COMPtia.. *cringe fo lyfe*

Excuse me, I will be spending the next four years of my life dedicated to the thought of one day being able to buy a life sized Barbie dream house.


if you write a love letter to someone using black paper, is that blackmail?